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Ingredients The Importance of Estrogen What are Phytoestrogens?
Why Cream is Faster and Better Does Breast Enhance Balance Hormones? How Does Breast Enhance Improve Breast Shape and Firmness? The Dangers of Surgical Implants

Is Breast Enhance Safe?

Breast Enhance Cream is 100% safe and natural. It is formulated with natural organic herbs that have never been radiated during the drying process. The ingredients used in the cream-making process are completely botanical, food grade quality containing no ingredients such as coloring agents, chemical additives or preservatives or animal by-products.



Venus Breast Enhance contains ingredients that will shape, tone, firm and enlarge breast tissue. Other ingredients help prevent stretch marks, soften skin and prevent skin from aging or drying out.

Ingredients: purified water, rose hydrosol; pure essential oils of chamomile, cypress, fennel, myrrh; grapefruit seed extract; jasmine absolute; vegetable glycerin; Vitamin E; sweet almond, jojoba, olive and coconut oils; our proprietary Natural Bust Enhancement Herbal BlendTM (highly concentrated proprietary herbal oil extract in pure extra virgin olive oil with wild yam, panax ginseng and dong quai); natural preservatives (heliozimt, vitamin E, myrrh, grapefruit seed extract) and emulsifiers (derived from coconut and palm oils); natural fragrance (jasmine). It is also SULFATE FREE, PARABEN FREE and 100% VEGAN. Breast Enhance is non-comedogenic and does not contain animal by-products.

The Importance of Estrogen

The balance of Estrogen and Progesterone is very important in a woman’s body.

Estrogen is the name of a group of hormones that regulates a woman’s reproductive system. It is produced by the ovaries. Its function is to prepare (thicken) the uterine lining for pregnancy. It is also responsible for normal sexual development and the growth of your breasts, uterus and ovaries.

Progesterone is a hormone produced by the follicle after ovulation. If the egg is fertilized, it provides the nurturing for the development of the embryo. If the egg is not fertilized, it encourages the uterus to shed its lining and results in the menstrual flow. If your body is lacking in estrogen, your system uses progesterone to produce more estrogen. Progesterone also counteracts the harmful effects of too much estrogen.

Some of the symptoms of excess estrogen in the body are:

  • small breasts
  • hot flashes, night sweats
  • endometrial cancer
  • breast cancer — ductal, lobular, inflammatory, and Paget’s disease
  • mood swings
  • cramping, irregular mestrual flow
  • migraines

Wild Yam is recommended as a natural solution to hormonal problems. It is a natural progesterone very similar to human progesterone and is called a ‘phytoestrogen’ or plant estrogen.

Unlike human estrogen which, when dominant, has been known to cause endometrial cancer, phytoestrogens do not evoke cell growth.

Studies show that women given natural progesterone from Wild Yam showed an increase in bone density, meaning that natural progesterone can reverse osteoporosis. Women also showed an increase in breast size.

What are Phytoestrogens?

Phytoestrogens are plant estrogens that accumulate in the breasts causing an increase in breast size. When these plant estrogens accumulate in breast tissues, they produce an effect similar to what was experienced in puberty.

They are attracted to cell membrane receptor sites stimulating mammogenesis, or development of the mammary glands. The breast tissue starts to increase and grow and fat cells in the breast tissues fill up and become a little bigger, adding fullness and roundness to the breasts.

Why Cream is Faster and Better

Capsules work more Slowly

Cream is much more potent than herbal capsules that are swallowed. Capsules must go through the digestive system and the liver where they can be broken down and lose their effectiveness. The liver breaks down 80-90% of all substances that pass through it, so you are lucky if your body receives 10%-20% of the herbs you take by capsule.

Capsules slow down the breast enhancement process considerably, sometimes taking as long as 6 months to see any results.

Oral products (capsules, tablets, tinctures) do not improve breast skin’s elasticity or firmness so do not improve sagging breasts.

Cream works Faster

Herbal creams are absorbed through the skin, bypass the liver and go straight into the blood stream. This means that your body gets to use ALL the nutrients it contains.

Cream applied directly to the breasts can easily penetrate the skin. It will accumulate in the breast tissues stimulating mammogenesis and will start the expansion of breast tissues upon application.

Does Breast Enhance Balance Hormones?

Natural hormone balancing ingredients contained in natural Breast Enhance cream are called ‘phytoestrogens’ or plant estrogens. To balance your hormones phytoestrogens can be a part of the solution. Once phytoestrogens get into the blood flow, they cause a mild estrogenic effect. In other words, they “draw the attention” of cell receptors and lock onto them preventing real (human) estrogen from producing significant and often undesirable effects in the body such as PMS, cramping, and menopausal discomfort

How Does Breast Enhance Improve Breast Shape and Firmness?

Breast Enhance contains ingredients that tighten skin tissue, helping to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin in the breast area. These ingredients include the essential oils of Cypress, Fennel and Roman Chamomile.

The Dangers of Surgical Implants

While most women now receive saline, and not silicone implants, both implants employ silicone as the ‘envelopes’ for the implant material.

Saline implants have their own health hazards.

Risks include:

The researchers at the BC Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health found that over half (51%) of respondents from their study group reported at least one additional breast-implant related surgery subsequent to the initial implantation.

Of those, half (49%) had undergone one additional surgery, 23% had undergone two, 11% had undergone three, and 17% had undergone four or more additional surgeries. For some of these women, the complications were enough to convince the women that they no longer wanted breast implants. 40% of respondents had their implants permanently removed

Women with breast implants have also reported granulomas and lymph node involvement, chronic flu, respiratory problems and infections. The cluster of symptoms reported by these women often includes those present in more than one such disease. Cancer also remains a concern — albeit a smaller one — associated with breast implants.

For further information, related articles and research see: implants

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