12 Good Reasons to
Try Venus Breast Enhance First


enus Breast Enhance is a superior natural breast enlargement cream ‘par excellence’. Why? for the following 12 reasons:

All ingredients are naturally derived No Parabens are used Breast Enhance is Faster than Pills Gentle on all skin types
No Sulfates are used No Alcohol or Glycerin extracts Anti-aging formula contains anti-oxidants No synthetic fragrances
Small Batches made with Care Natural Vegetable Carrier Oils used No Animal By-Products are used First All Natural Breast Cream in 1998

1. All ingredients are naturally derived.

Venus Breast Enhance was the first and still is the only 100% natural breast cream on the market. Other creams contain synthetic active ingredients, with ‘natural’ creams containing a mixture of natural ingredients and synthetic ones — check the label. Read point twelve below for more info

2. No Parabens (chemically synthesized preservatives) are used.

Other creams contain synthetic preservatives such as Propylparaben, Methylparaben and Butylparaben, which are toxic but widely used in the cosmetics industry. Venus Breast Enhance has in it only natural preservatives that are used by aromatherapists.

There is a growing concern about the use of parabens in cosmetics in relation to the increased risk of breast cancer. For more information on the dangers of parabens, search the net with the keywords ‘dangers of parabens’.

Some bust enhancement creams and gels contain parabens, even though they claim to be ‘natural’. These include Perfect Woman Cream, Bust Enhance Gel, Super Firm, Contour, Embrace.

Many companies selling their own brands do not publish all ingredients, only selected ones, so you do not even know what you are getting!

For your safety, Venus Naturals discloses all ingredients used in our products.

3. Venus Breast Enhance is a high-potency cream that works faster than pills.

Results with Venus Breast Enhance are sometimes noticed within 4 - 5 days. Most women have noticeable results in 4 - 6 weeks, with optimum results within about 3 months. Other, less potent creams can take 6 months to see results. Pills, if they work at all, take 9 months or longer to see results.

4. Our formula does not contain ingredients that can be harsh to the skin, or that can cause allergic reactions; it is especially formulated for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Other creams have nothing in them that will help with sensitive skin types.

5. No sulfates (SLS, SLES) such as sodium laurel sulfate are used (for thickening the cream).

Experimental evidence indicates sulfates used in cosmetics have a long-term aging effect on the skin.

6. Venus Breast Enhance does not contain alcohol extracts. All our extracts are oil infusions.

Other creams that contain herbal ingredients usually do so in alcohol extract form, others that are in glycerin form are better but high amounts of glycerin will clog pores — not good for the skin. We make our own high-potency herbal infusions using the finest quality herbs and extra virgin olive oil using our own proprietory methods.

7. Our cream contains anti-aging ingredients

We use anti-oxidants in our creams, making the skin softer and resist the effects of aging. These include grapefruit seed extract and vitamin E. Other brands have little or no anti-aging ingredients in them.

8. We do not use synthetic fragrances.

There are only hints of pleasant aromas coming from natural ingredients such as jasmine and chamomile, which do not linger after the cream is completely absorbed. Other creams smell of chemicals, with added synthetic ‘fragrances’ consisting of dozens of chemicals, some of which may cause allergic reactions on sensitive skin. Strong synthetic fragrances try to mask the smell of synthetic ingredients, but they come through anyway!

9. Venus Breast Enhance is made in small batches

The same care is taken when producing Venus Breast Enhance as with our other natural creams and lotions — it is made in small batches, formulated and tested with expert assistance from chemists, aromatherapists, and herbalists. Some companies do not produce any other creams or lotions, except for breast enlargement — their experience may be limited with regard to producing effective formulations, since their ‘raison d’etre’ is to bring a breast enlargement product to market as quickly as possible.

10. Carrier oils are used for easy absorption

We take care to use only vegetable oils such as sweet almond oil that do not block skin pores, but help the absorption of active ingredients. Other creams on the market may contain ingredients that are not compatible with the natural oils found in the skin, thereby making absorption difficult. Especially bad are creams and lotions containing mineral oil or petrolatum.

11. Venus Breast Enhance is animal friendly!

We do not use animal by-products in our formulations. Our creams and the ingredients we use are not tested on animals. Cetyl Alcohol is commonly used in other creams and lotions as a stabilizer, usually being synthetically produced or animal-derived.

12. Venus Breast Enhance (originally called Venus Creme) was the first and still is the only 100% natural breast cream on the market.

There are other brands that make this claim but if you check their ingredients list (that is, if they publish it at all!) you will see synthetic (and some potentially harmful) additives such as: Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Dimethicone, Glycerin (animal by-product), Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Cetyl Alcohol (animal by-product), germaden II, rheocare ath (trade name) etc.

Venus Breast Enhance started in 1998 as an Aromatherapy blended cream, the type of cream used by salon and spa therapists. It was formulated from the ground up as an all natural cream. There was only one other breast cream selling at that time which had a synthetic base with added herbs. That company started in 1997 but no longer sells breast cream. For a fascinating story about how the breast cream and pill market started, see https://www.bustbeauty.com/aboutus_vbe.html.

Venus Breast Enhance has been sold to many thousands of women worldwide since 1998. It has sold (and is still selling) as our brand or as private label (still made by us) by overseas dealers to countries like Russia, Poland, Malaysia, Khazakstan, the Middle East etc.

Here is another reason:

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